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/ / The mission of the project is to rebrand a dead or defunct company, revitalize and re-envision it. For people who love Polaroid or photography in general, it's heart-breaking to see the company has been bankrupted, but what if the old Polaroid is still alive today? What could it be and what does it do? Here the legend becomes a high-tech social media company POLAROID REBRANDING
/ The beloved Polaroid has been offering instant photography for decades, they bring so much joy and sharing experiences to us and that's why we love it so much, however they were reluctant to enter digital world which results its death / THE OLD POLAROID
/ The "new" Polaroid is a high-tech company, involving digital products and experiences, such as smart phones, social media apps, web sites and so much more. The fact that although they aren't involved with photography anymore, the sharing and instant gratification still inherently exist / THE NEW POLAROID
/ / The mark is formed with a few circles and connected to each other symbolizes connecting people together and a letter "P" is also taking shape Some early sketches
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